Treatment Options For Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a horrible disease that can strike anyone. It is a disease that occurs due to damaged optic nerves. Excessive eye pressure can cause damage, and it is sometimes inherited.

As time goes by, the patients can expect the worst-case scenario if this disease is left untreated. Thankfully, there are treatment options available to somehow prevent its further damage.


If the patients are experiencing symptoms such as haziness in their vision, redness in their eyes, eye pain, they should visit a doctor. There are some tests that are done by the doctor to detect the cases in each patient. In glaucoma, the specific tests that are done are the following:

  • Tonometry or measuring the intraocular pressure
  • Dilated eye examination and imaging test for optic nerve damage
  • Visual field test
  • Pachymetry or measuring the thickness of the cornea
  • Gonioscopy Inspecting the drainage angle


After checking the patients’ case, the doctors will recommend the treatment that they seem fit. The treatments may be subject to the following:

  • Eye drops
  • Oral medication
  • Laser therapy
  • Surgery

Eye drops are applicable for the mild and early stages. They reduce the pressure in the eyes because they improve the fluid drains from the patients’ eyes. It usually varies per patient, but some known prescriptions are:

  • Prostaglandins
  • Beta-blockers
  • Miotic or cholinergic agents

It is advisable to close your eyes after taking the eye drops and press the corner of your eyes lightly to minimize the absorption.

Oral medication is applicable for patients who are not treated with eye drops. In most cases, doctors recommend a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor to minimize the intraocular pressure.

Laser therapy is mostly used to raise the flow of the fluid around your eye. It uses a small laser beam to open-angle glaucoma patients to open the clogged channels in the trabecular meshwork.

Surgery. This situation is done more than once to secure that there is little to no trace of glaucoma. There is filtering surgery or called trabeculectomy where they remove a part of the trabecular meshwork and create an opening in the sclera or the white of the eye.

To wrap this up, there are several ways to treat glaucoma. Moreover, there are still some measures that could be done to take care of your eyes as well as your overall health as a human being. Eat healthily and be active. Sounds old but it is still true.

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